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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Internet Explorer unable to connect to Internet due to Proxy server

You may not able to open websites in Internet Explorer and get a blank screen or some times it says proxy server. We need to disable the proxy setting in Internet Explorer in order to fix this issue.

1. Open Internet Explorer >> Click on "Tools" >> Click on "Internet Options" 

2. You will get the Internet Properties window, click on "Connections" tab >> Click on "LAN Settings" button

3. Then you will get the Local Area Network(LAN) Settings window.

4. Uncheck the boxes under "Proxy Server"  >> Click on "OK" >> Click on "OK". That's it. Now, you can open the websites.

 In some cases, even though we disabled the proxy server, it will come back again automatically.

6. If you are having such issues, simply right click on Internet Explorer >> Click on "Run as Administrator" option >> On the Internet Explorer click on "Tools" >> Click on "Internet Options" >> Click on "LAN Settings" button >> Uncheck the boxes under "Proxy Server"

7. That should fix it.